Ornate frame included. This frame might have minor scratches due to age. This original work of art represents the dreams that children lose from their hands, but as we grow up, we have to reach them again with a lot of effort and dedication, thus achieving prosperity in our lives.  That is where we start our journey in life, pursuing those dreams metamorphosed into ballons. However, not many children achieve their dreams, and others do, so I represented dreams with balloons and wishes with dandelions. The tree represents growth blooming in opportunities, and the mountains represent the unknown horizon that awaits us from that very moment. Golden eagles represent our power and perseverance to achieve whatever stands in our way. The dog represents fidelity and loyalty to our purposes in life. 

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Additional information

Weight 19.15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 60 × 36 in

Oil on canvas

Framed painting weight

9.15 lbs

Framed painting size

1.5 in-depth x 55.5 in-width x 31.5 in-height

Canvas size

0.5 in-depth x 48 in-width x 24 in-height


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