This original work of art was painted with fluorescent paint that activates with UV light, known as black light. This work required the construction of a new handmade frame and was then painted fluorescent orange color. I used multicolor to create a spectrum of colors that bring happiness to the eyes of my audience. Many people love koala bears and I believe that this painting can be ideal for decorating our home. The frame was built by a creative framer, Mr. Alex Valdes. This work was inspired by the forest fire in Australia, which killed many species, especially koalas. This incident caused me a lot of sadness, and I decided to paint this work of rebirth of nature from the ashes. Someday in the future, my dream is to support species in danger of extinction and avoid these forest fires that are destroying our beautiful species of flora and fauna.

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Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 47 × 59 in

Fluorescent paint on canvas

Framed painting weight

15.3 lbs

Framed painting size

1 in-depth x 43 in-width x 55 in-height

Canvas size

0.5 in-depth x 36 in-width x 48 in-height


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