Galaxy of Kaleidoscopes


This artwork comes with an antique frame that was hand-painted. The creation of this original fluorescent artwork was inspired by the cosmos’ magic and the astronomical design of the infinite universe. The planets, stars, and asteroids had always fascinated me since I began observing the milky way from my grandmother’s garden in the night when I was in Mexico. The skies in small towns in Mexico are clearer because there is not much pollution that can prevent us from seeing these stellar scenes of the nature of the universe. The combination of relational art is an interaction of the human being and the art object, such as this fluorescent painting that glows in the dark with UV light. I painted many unique designs in each circle that brings a lot of happiness and color to our lives, well, even more joy than what is already in our hearts.

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Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 32 × 30 in

Fluorescent acrylic paint on canvas

Framed painting weight

11 lbs

Framed painting size

3 in-depth x 30 in-width x 26 in-height

Canvas size

0.5 in-depth x 24 in-width x20 in-height


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