This is an original work of art inspired by the winter season of 2022. This painting comes with a handpainted frame. I painted blue flowers and snowflake-like designs in the corners to make it look more fun and authentic. This family of polar bears represents the family union and the warmth of the family in times of cold. The cold symbolizes, in this case, family abandonment, but there is always someone who makes us feel protected and supported in the most challenging moments of our lives.

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Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 38 × 34.5 in

Oil on canvas

Framed painting size

3.5 in-depth x 34 3/8 in width x 30.5 in-height

Framed painting weight

10.11 lbs

Canvas size

0.5 in-depth x 24 in-width x 20 in-height


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