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My Art Style

At the beginning of my career, I started creating works of art like drawings with charcoal and watercolor, which made me interested in exploring my techniques a little more because I never took art classes in my native country of Mexico. I wanted to learn more and more about art that I even wanted to join art shows and contests. Unfortunately, I never had this opportunity, I know this is so sad, but in my time, the professors did not inculcate the visual arts for students. I was a big fan of art and always created art from vague and naïve ideas that people did not understand. With time, I questioned myself about the type or style of art that I painted because whenever I wanted to introduce myself as an Artist, the first questions that people would ask were: What kind of art do you do? How do you describe your art? What’s your style? etc.

Consequently, I started to be concerned about all these questions that made me think and analyze my works of art. I have been painting for twenty-one years, and I can say that I love my style because it feeds the passion towards my perception every time I create a new work of art. I finally came up with the idea and concept of my works of art after reflecting on them over the years. First, my works of art are powerfully inspired by nature, floral art, mystical stories from books, naturalism, and a hint of Surrealism and psychological depictions of life in general, but especially my life. I combined a juxtaposition of mystical elements such as historical and fairytale stories with nature, such as flowers, trees, leaves, insects, birds, Mexican artifacts, and landscape art. I ended up with a combination of Natural Mystic Art, Mystical Naturalism, and Psychological Naturalism. I will introduce one painting as an example of what I’m talking about in this work style analysis: Dark Forest is a work of art that I painted in oil over a canvas. I depicted an obscure forest with stylized white carnations and climbing vines throughout the tall trees. I painted a trail throughout the woods to depict Little Red Riding Hood, representing vulnerability in the same scene. I depicted the ferocious wolf at the other end of the trail, representing danger in the forest’s darkness.

The message of this painting is about the awareness of this world that is invaded by people who may cause psychological & physical harm to our well-being. Little Red Riding Hood is a symbol of vulnerability and intelligence. The message of this painting is that people live in an environment with a bandage on their eyes, and they do not realize what or who they are surrounded by while pursuing their interests, dreams, and goals in life. This painting helps viewers stay alert or aware of dangers out there in the bad mundane life.
At the end of it all, I realized that my style did not fit the known art concepts, so I decided to create my interpretation as Mystical and Psychological Naturalism because it shows the unity, rhythm, and connection between flora and fauna, which moves people’s feelings in many ways. This is the way I identify myself as an independent artist who paints his perceptions by juxtaposing nature with mystical and psychological elements.