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My Biography

VictorI am Victor Ferretiz, an artist born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, and I live in Dallas, Texas. I paint landscape, abstract, naturalism, and surrealism artworks. My inspiration is based on the Mexican folk culture, especially for the Day of the Dead, which is an outstandingly spiritual and colorful date for the country of Mexico. I love having versatility in creating my artwork and offering a wide spectrum of art to the world, especially since I love the variety of art and like to experiment with different styles and mediums.

I have an obsession with painting trees, which means growth; flowers, which means color and purity; and insects such as butterflies, which means evolution to me. I mainly use oil and acrylic paint on stretched canvas, and I also paint repurposed wooden boxes and transform them into useful jewelry boxes or trinket boxes. You will also find hand painted denim jackets, handbags, prints of my paintings, terra cotta vases, all hand painted with love from me to you.

Victor Ferretiz