My Bio

Hello, my name is Victor Ferretiz. I was born on July 13th of 1994 in a small town in Mexico, where I was raised by my grandmother until I was reunited with my mother and siblings in Dallas, Texas at the age of 19.

I have been fascinated by painting and nature since I was 6 years old. I started experimenting with graphite, charcoal, and pastels. As the time passed, I started to experiment with other mediums (oil/acrylic paint) and techniques (glazing, imprimatura, blocking in, building up texture, dry brushing, which broadened my spectrum of works of art.

My works of art are inspired by nature and artifacts of Mexico. I employ a naïve art style to depict my imagination. Sometimes, I employ graphical perspective to obtain more depth in my paintings. For instance, in landscape art, I really enjoy adding brighter paint in the background and then darker paint in the foreground to create a three-dimensional effect.

One of the most beautiful experiences that has happened to me in life is when I discovered my love for art. I still remember that windy and fresh afternoon when the radiance of the sunset illuminated the dispersed dandelions in the air. I was playing on the sand with my friends under a gigantic, leafy, and flamboyant tree with striking red flowers called the fire tree. I began to draw lines, circles, and spirals with the tips of my fingers. I loved the natural design that I drew on the sand on that moment, and I adopted nature to be my inseparable design. Accordingly, when I got home, I told my grandmother to buy me a couple of colored pencils, graphite, watercolors, and paper to draw and color what I felt about art.

I absolutely love to paint my interpretation of nature, such as trees, leaves, plants, flowers, and birds that seem to bring harmony to my paintings. I believe that oil and acrylic paint on canvas is a brilliant way to depict my creativity.

Thank you for visiting my Web page, I wish you all peace, love, and happiness in life.